Whether you’ve been planning your wedding for ages or if it’s more of the shotgun variety, you want to be walking down the aisle looking glowing and bright — not frazzled or uncomfortable. To reduce the risk of donning crunchy, 8th-grade prom-esque curls done by a “professional” (read: someone who has no history with your rebellious locks), why not style your own hair on this special date? Before you spit out your mascarpone wedding cake at the ridiculousness of that thought, hear us out: It’s easier (and the result more gorgeous) than you could possibly think. Ladies with long locks, this sleek rolled tuck is the answer to your wedding day prayers. Calm your inner Bridezilla and give it a whirl — you’ll be much better equipped to channel your “blushing bride” side afterwards, trust us.

sleek bridal updo


1 thin hair elastic Bobby pins 1. Put your hair in a low ponytail and secure with a thin elastic. 2. Pull the hair right above your elastic into two sections. 3. Loop your ponytail between the two sections and pull to secure and tighten. 4. Flip your ponytail upward again and pin it in place right above the original loop, leaving a few inches of hair out. 5. Take the remaining ends of your hair and loop it in a clockwise direction on the left, pinning in the center. 6. Loop the remaining amount of hair in a counter-clockwise direction on the right. Pin everything in place and finish with a spritz of hairspray to tame any extra flyaways.   Would you ever try this hairstyle on yourself? Sound off in the comments!

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