From the runways to the red carpet, slicked-back hair is the trend that keeps popping up … and we couldn’t be more pleased. Not only is this hairstyle easy to achieve, but it’s also extremely versatile and incredibly chic. So put down your curling iron and break out your hair gel, because we created three slicked-back hairstyles that will make you stand out in any crowd.

Hair Down

slicked back hair
Step 1: Straighten one-inch sections of hair with a flat iron, pulling away from your face as you go.

Step 2: Use an empty spray bottle to spray water around the crown of your hair until damp. Lightly tease hair with a comb, and then brush down gently.

Step 3: Rub a quarter size amount of gel, like L’Oréal Studio Line Clean Gel, between your hands and run through hair to slick back any flyaways and hold the style in place.

Step 4: Lightly brush hair to evenly distribute the product.

Low Bun

slicked back hair

Step 1. Use a spray bottle to wet hair around the crown, then brush back into a tight, slick pony.

Step 2. Twist the pony along the base all the way to the ends like a rope, as though you were twisting it to put in a bun. But instead of twisting around the base of the pony, let it wrap around itself and pin the ends underneath into the elastic.

Step 3: Use a long-lasting hold hairspray to tame flyaways, like Kérastase Laque Couture Micro Mist Fixing Hairspray.

Wrapped Pony

slicked back hair
Step 1. Brush out your hair so it’s soft and easy to handle. Using a flat iron, straighten the hair.

Step 2. Spray water on the top of your head with a spray bottle so the hair is damp. Pour a dime-sized amount of gel into your palm and spread the product on both your hands and run them gently through the top of the hair. We love L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Clean Gel!

Step 3.
 Pull the hair back into a slick, tight ponytail. Take a piece of hair from the bottom of the pony and wrap it around the base to cover the elastic band.

Step 4.
 Run a flat iron through the pony to ensure it’s straight and free of any curl or bumps.

Photography: Joshua M Shelton
Model: Annie Mongiello
Makeup Artist: Diana Shin

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