Ashley Rebecca May 3, 2014
Every girl loves a beautiful smoky eye — it's a classic beauty staple that is ever-reinventing the beauty wheel as we know it. But with so many different techniques, sometimes we tend to get a little carried away. Here are the six smoky eye sins that will send you to straight to the confessional booth, each and every time: smoky eye how to

1. Forgetting Eyelid Primer

You must use a primer on the lid before applying any eye makeup, especially smoky eye looks. Primers help the shadows adhere smoothly to the lid and without creasing, which is really important if you are going to be working with dark shadows. The more they crease, the more messy your makeup looks.  

2. Too Much Eyeliner

If you use too much eyeliner around the eyes, it can tend to look unpolished. The key to a flawless eyeliner application is to make sure it blends properly for a seamless finish. Using too much liner can cause the "raccoon eye" effect, which nobody wants. (At least no one we know!)  

3. Not Blending Enough

When it comes to eye makeup, you must blend, blend, blend! I can't stress this factor enough, as it's one of the most important things to remember. The more you blend, the more seamless your makeup looks … and the less people will be staring at you wondering why on earth you left the house with two black eyes.  

4. Mixing Too Many Colors

When creating a smoky look, make sure to use like colors that work together. For instance, you can use a deep espresso brown, with a more chocolate brown color on the lid and crease, and a light champagne tone for your highlight. You want to avoid using multiple shades that don't work well together when combined.  

5. Applying Shadow After Foundation

Having to re-do your foundation after spilling eye shadow on it is the worst! To avoid messing up your foundation by getting eye shadow on it, opt to start with your eye makeup first, and then move onto foundation, concealer, bronzer and blush. When you practice this method, any eye shadow that falls onto the face can be easily cleaned up with eye makeup remover and Q-tips. This enables you to make mistakes with shadow and fix them, without ruining your foundation in the process.  

6. Getting Lazy

If you go out at night with smoky eye makeup, the minute you come home you need to wash your face! Remove all eye shadow, liner and mascara thoroughly before bedtime. If you fall into the habit of being lazy and not removing makeup fully, all that makeup can make your eyes extremely itchy and damage your lashes.   What are some of smoky eye sins you've committed? Confess in the comments below!


About the Author:Ashley is a New York City-based makeup artist with a robust list of editorial and celebrity clients.

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