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Here at, we would love to think that we have all the answers for you. However, there are certain issues that require the insight of a pro. Today we asked skincare guru Stacy Cox to give us some insight on common shaving-related issues and how to avoid them. Take it away, Stacy!

How to Shave the Right Way

Remember when we were kids and couldn’t wait to do "cool, big-girl stuff" like wear makeup, ditch curfew and shave our legs? The process of getting old enough to partake in these activities seemed to take forever, didn’t it? And, one day — poof! — you've suddenly hit the highly anticipated stage of life and you realize, growing up isn't always what's it's cracked up to be!  For instance, shaving your legs definitely falls into the overrated category. We didn’t expect to  deal with ingrown hairs, bumps and nicks that bleed and make you look like you’re in a horror movie. That doesn’t mean you can’t fight this grown-up problem head on. Check out my skincare shares on how to master the art of the shave.

Top Shaving Issues 

#1. Ingrown hairs: Razor shaving causes the hair follicle to change its growth direction, leaving it trapped under your skin which leads to the presence of ingrown hairs.

#2. Sensitive skin: Shaving is not always suitable for all skin types. Extra-sensitive skin can quickly get irritated (aka “razor burn”) right after you shave, since shaving removes a very thin layer of your skin.

#3. Nicks and cuts: While shaving, you can unintentionally hurt or harm yourself especially when the blade is too sharp or you're not completely focused. Uneven, narrow regions like the knees and ankles are often susceptible to blade blunders.

#4. Fast regrowth: The effect of body hair removal by shaving can only last for a maximum of about a week. Also, the hair tends to appear faster and drier.

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Tips for a Safer, Closer, Smoother Shave 

#1. Hold Off a Bit: Wait until the end of your shower to shave. This way, your leg hair will soften up a bit, and be easier to shave.

#2. Avoid Soap: Use a shaving cream instead of regular bar soap or body wash. Soaps tend to dry out your skin and result in irritation.

#3. Change Directions: If you are prone to razor burn, try shaving in the same direction as the hair’s growth pattern. You may not achieve as clean a shave, but you will avoid those raised bumps!

#4. Exfoliate: You'll notice a better result from shaving if you take time to exfoliate your skin once a week with a dry brush or granulated body wash or scrub.

Product Recommendations: Kiehl’s Gently Exfoliating Body Scrub, Decléor 1000 Grain Body Exfoliator, The Body Shop Frosted Cranberry Sugar Scrub

#5. Address the Irritation: Already starting to see red on those legs? Don't panic, dab a milk soaked washcloth on the skin to soothe the irritated areas and minimize any redness.

#6: Stay Out of the Cold:  When shaving, avoid cold water as it will make your skin prone to cuts. You're also more likely to miss some spots.

#7. Pick the Right Tools: Look for razors with moisturizing strips containing acai and jojoba for added skincare benefits while you shave. Change your razor every five uses or so.

#8. Moisturize:  After you shave, be sure to apply an alcohol-free lotion to lock in moisture and add some sexy sheen to your skin.

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About the Author:Stacy Cox is a Los Angeles-based esthetician and owner of day spa Pampered People in Studio City, California.

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