Aug 13, 2014

With mixed feelings we announce the much-loved ombré trend is (literally) fading. If, like us, this news has you a little bewildered as to what hairstyle to try next, fear not. There’s a new style in town to take over where the ombré left off. The sombré (or subtle ombré) sports a few key distinctions without losing all the cool reasons we fell in love with ombré in the first place, namely that gorgeous gradient of shades. Sound like this could be your new go-to? Here’s what you should know:


1. Sombré is blended color perfection. A sombré look should not be as easily detectable as an ombré, meaning the color is blended so well that instead of creating a distinct transformation from one shade to another, it simply looks more texturized and glowing with a soft mix of light and dark. If you opt for this look, you can maintain the texture between visits with products like Kérastase Spray A Porter Beach Texture Spray.

2. It takes effort to look effortless. While sombré isn’t some mystical hairstyle that only celebrity hairstylists can whip up, it’s not as easy as your typical highlight/lowlight situation. Additionally, you’re not exactly home-free when it comes to upkeep — it all depends on how close the color is to that of your roots, and how long it takes the more vibrant strands to fade. Make sure you take the right steps to keep the color from fading in between salon visits.

3. A good sombré color will flatter your face. Whatever shade your sombré starts with, the style typically consists of a few lighter pieces framing your face — not so much that it’s overly apparent, but just enough to bring out your best features and complement your skin tone. Your hairstylist should create a seamless look from roots to ends, and enhance your face with a few strategically placed highlights.

4. Sombré works on any hair color. It seemed like the ombré was limiting for anyone who wasn’t brunette. Luckily, this softer ‘do looks a lot more natural, so it can be achieved without wandering too far out of your comfort zone. Sombré plays off of your natural color, enhancing rather than changing dramatically. For natural color that won’t ravage your locks, we recommend L’Oréal Professional INOA Ammonia-Free Permanent Hair Color.

5. You’ll no longer be able to pass off your grown-out roots as ombré. One of the main perks of the ombré trend was the upkeep (or lack thereof). We mean… it kind of worked. Or at least saved some money. Like we said, sombré is subtle, which leaves little room for a huge contrast between your roots and the crown of your head. Keep up that color, ladies!


Are you into sombré or totally over ombré altogether? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Photo provided by L'Oréal Professionel



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