Here at MDC, we're always on the lookout for top-of-the-line beauty gurus to share advice on hair, makeup and nails. Today, we are thrilled to have nail expert Kait Mosh show us a bright and shiny floral mani that you will absolutely love! Take it away Kait!

I love a pretty feminine, floral manicure, which are all the rage in the spring and summer seasons. I wanted to put a fun spin on traditional flower-infused designs and give them a fresh new spin! Check out this upgraded floral mani with a metallic twist! Enjoy!

Floral Manicure



Step 1.
  Start with clean, manicured hands, wiped clean with alcohol or acetone to free the nails of any dirt or oil.

Step 2.  Paint on your base coat.

Step 3.  Paint on one coat of gray polish. Allow three to five minutes to dry.

Step 4. Using a small nail art brush and the tiniest bit of polish, paint messy dots in three different shades, (as pictured). While the color choices are up to you, I used a bright red, cobalt blue and light fuchsia. These dots are going to be the flowers.

Step 5.  Place one tiny white dot in the center of each flower.

Step 6.  Using a small nail art brush and the same technique as Step 4, paint green leaves around the flowers as you see fit.

Step 7. Cut the metallic nail striping tape into small pieces, just slightly longer than your nail size. Make sure polish is mostly dry before doing this step! Take each strip and apply it down the center of each nail, as pictured. Press lightly on the tape to secure it in place.

Step 8.  Finish the look with top coat and you're done with your super-cool mani!

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Photo: Erin Laine & Lauren Rote

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