Deven Hopp Oct 4, 2013
Don’t you love it when the pros take it upon themselves to make nail art a cinch? Of course you do—and we do too! That’s why we can’t get enough of the special effects top coats that are stocking the shelves (and our beauty cabinets); these aren’t your traditional top coats. One swipe to cover the nail will do it, but these top coats can do so much more. Just take a look at the six ways we put them to use.

Glitter Gradient

glitter special effects top coat
  • Ombre from the Base: Load the brush with ample flecks of glitter and dab it on the base of the nail. Allow that layer to dry before sweeping a second coat up the nail.
  • Ombre from the Top: Start with a swipe of L’Oréal The Magic Top Coats in Sparklicious across the tip of the nail. Allow that to dry, and then gradually build the glitter down the length of the nail.

All Over

glitter special effects top coat
  • Sheer: One coat of essie Luxeffects Set in Stones over any nail color will give you a wash of sparkle that will still allow the base color to shine through.
  • Opaque: For a solid sheet of sparkle, apply three coats, allowing each one to dry in between layers.

Two at a Time

layering matte special effects top coat
  • Matte + French Tip: Two special effects top coats are better than one! Give your matte mani an upgrade with a glitter French tip.
  • Matte Glitter: Glitter top coat is always great, but take this modern twist and make it matte. After your glitter coat has dried, finish the look with a swipe of L’Oréal The Magic Top Coats in The Matte Velvet.
  Which way is your favorite? Give us your pick below!


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