Let’s face it, our lives are busy. We try to schedule a little R&R time, but slowing down isn’t always an option. During those bustling moments we want to accomplish great things while looking fabulous. You can wake up pretty and ready to go, but your nails need attention as well. Spending 10 minutes worrying about smudging your newly polished tips while getting dressed does nothing positive for anyone’s morning. Luckily, there are a few products on the market, and at-home tips, that will instantly dry your nails and get you out the door ready to tackle the day.

speed up drying time  
Quick Dry Top Coat
Base coat, polish, top coat. We know the process well, but what makes the route move even faster is using a quick dry top coat to seal our color. There are plenty of top coats on the market, but the one we like to swipe across our nails before a day on the town is essie Good to Go! fast-drying top coat. It sets your polish quickly and gives your nails long-lasting shine.

Ice Cold Water
You failed to bring your top coat with you? No worries. You can set your polish in less than a minute with this trick. Simply polish your nails then place your fingertips into a bowl (or cup if you’re on the go) of ice-cold water. The coolness of the water will harden your lacquer immediately. Your hands may get chilly, but your nails will look pristine.

Drying Spray
If you love your current top coat, but would like to accelerate the drying process, drying drops or a drying spray are essential. Although drops work nicely, we appreciate less mess with a few spritzes over our manicure. CND SolarSpeed Spray nourishes your cuticle and skin while securing a speedy nail polish set up (mere seconds, really!).

Blow Dry
Just simply blowing on your nails may speed drying time a smidge, but not fast enough for our active lives. Help set your nail polish quickly with this bathroom staple, the blow dryer. Before you ripple your polish with a full-forced air stream, remember to keep your blow dryer set to low and on cool. Don't focus the air directly on one nail. Instead, run it back and forth across your tips for about a minute.  

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Photo: Diego Cervo/Veer


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