Crista Feb 24, 2014
There is no denying that we have an affinity for white nails – we've added it to our must-wear winter whites and made it the base for our mother of pearl and modern art nails. There's just something about this clean and brilliant color that continually draws us in. Maybe it's the unbelievably pristine appearance it leaves on your nails once you've accomplished the perfect polish, but we can't help finding more ways to work the hue into our manicures. This week is no different. We've made the color the foundation for one of our easiest, but unique, nail tutorials to date. One household item, a few lacquers and Bam! you've got a knock-out splatter manicure that can be worn year round with just a change of the colors you layer on top. splatter manicure Supplies essie Blanc essie Bikini so Teeny essie Mint Candy Apple A Straw Scissors Directions 1. Apply two coats of white nail polish to your nails. While waiting for your base to dry, cut your straw into two pieces. The pieces can be long or short, but you will be using each to blow the nail polish onto your tips, so make them a length that feels most comfortable. 2. Pour a small amount of the mint nail polish onto a piece of paper, making the spot about the size of a dime. Dip one end of your straw into the lacquer, then hold the straw a centimeter or two from your nail and blow on the other end of the straw. Polish should splatter onto the nail. Do this across all 10 nails. 3. Following the same technique as in step 2, dip your straw into a pool of light blue nail polish and blow on the other end. You may need to dip and then blow polish onto the nail multiple times to achieve the desired coverage. Remember, every nail should be different, so don't worry if one nail has a thick spot of mint and another has only little speckles. 4. Once the two colors are dry, apply a top coat to seal the look. Blowing nail polish onto each nail can be messy. To minimize post-manicure clean-up, line your nail with tape or try our alternate post-manicure methods. What other manicures look great with a white base? Let us know below!


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