Ahhh magic wands. As little girls, we dreamed of having one to wave about and whip up some magic that would transform us into princesses, make animals talk or turn a pumpkin into a carriage that would whisk us away. As adults, we can all admit a magic wand is still on our super-secret wish list to create a different kind of magic — clear up blemishes, keep our bangs in place for longer than a minute and give us über-long lashes in seconds. While a fairy godmother-like scepter will never be part of our reality, a different type of magical wand is still within our reach: the beloved spoolie. Long worshipped for its perfect mascara application, this little tool contains a wide range of additional powers that extend beyond the mascara tube. Want to work a little beauty magic? Check out these spoolie hacks that will have you channeling your inner Cinderella in no time.

1. Brow Tamer

Brows looking a little unruly? Clean them up with a spoolie! Just brush the hair upward to see where there is any unevenness. Fill in the sparse areas with a brow powder or pencil and, if needed, trim any super-long hairs with small facial scissors. Run the spoolie through them again as a last step to ensure the brows are set and look polished.

2. Lash De-Clumper

Avoid the not-so-cute tarantula effect left by overzealous mascara application. Run a clean spoolie through your lashes right after applying your fave mascara to catch any excess formula that can cause clumping.

3. Quicker-Picker-Upper

Spoolies are great for cleaning up mascara messes (which we are all familiar with). Avoid the urge to clean up wet mascara residue on your upper and lower lids with a cotton swab or tissue, as this can also ruin any eyeshadow or existing makeup. Wait for the wayward mascara to dry then gently scrape it off with a spoolie. Talk about your quicker-picker-upper!

4. Lip Exfoliator

All you lipstick lovers are going to love this one! Use a spoolie to scrub in your favorite lip scrub or DIY exfoliator on your pout. Gently work the wand back and forth over your lips for a minute or so to remove all the dead skin cells and rinse off the solution with warm water.

Which of these hacks will you be adopting first? Sound off in the comments below. 

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