Sep 21, 2010
Hot on the heels—or should I say, toes—of New York Fashion Week, I sat down with Essie Weingarten, the founder of Essie Cosmetics, to talk about what we can look forward to sweeping on our fingers and toes next spring. I know, I know—fall just began and we just got into wearing this season's rich, earthy polishes, but we all want to be ahead of the curve too, right? So while you're admiring your new dusty gray manicure, envision what your digits will look like six months from now with Essie's preview of the spring 2011 trends. (Oh, and if that dusty gray manicure happens to be Essie Merino Cool, hold on to your bottle—ever since Lady Gaga wore it to the VMAs last week, that shade is gone baby gone!). Which colors do you predict will be hot for nails next spring? After a few seasons of vibrant shades like blue and green, we're going to see a return to nude nails. But not sheer, demure nudes—we're talking opaque beiges and taupes. These are statement colors, and they look especially fresh with all the white clothing we saw on the runways. There's also something kind of retro about creamy beige nails—it's slightly '60s, which works so well with the Mod-like pops of blue and orange in the clothes. Which Essie colors will be great for this trend? If you like warmer tones, Mambo (above, top) is a creamy café au lait color. For something cooler and a bit grayer, Jazz (above, bottom) is a crisp taupe-beige lacquer. And what about for toes? The great thing about beige fingernails is that they go with everything, so you can wear just about any color on your toes! You could try a deeper version of what's on your nails, or go with a similar color in a different finish, such as Essie Imported Champagne, a frosted golden beige. If you prefer more color on your feet, a superdark wine or red color such as Essie Wicked looks so sophisticated with a beige manicure. So is color totally out for next spring then? Not at all! But the candy brights we've seen in recent seasons are giving way to softer pastel colors such as lavender and baby blue. And a lot of these pastels are shimmery, which makes the colors positively glisten. Years ago, no one reported on the nail colors at fashion shows. Now, they're as talked about as the hair and makeup. Why do you think nails are now important to fashion? I think designers finally recognized that nails pull together the look and contribute to the statement. A white dress with dark nails sends a different message than the same dress worn with sheer pink nails. Nails are no longer seen as an afterthought, but as an accessory you can change up based on your mood, in the same way you change your bag or scarf from one day to the next. Of course, buying several new nail colors each season is a lot less expensive than buying several new bags, so it's also a much more affordable way to embrace the trends! RUNWAY PHOTOS FROM ELLE.COM


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