There have been many great debates throughout history: the chicken or the egg argument, curly versus regular French fries and our personal favorite, the great Edward versus Jacob battle (which rattled us for a large part of our teen years). Now that we’re much more mature and sophisticated, we contemplate real topics … like makeup. With fall in full swing and bold makeup on the rise, our minds are currently battling two very opposite (and equally appealing) looks: statement eyes and statement lips. Both have their benefits and we just can’t decide which look we love more! Which side are you on? Take a look at these two tutorials (courtesy of makeup genius Marygene Rose) and let us know if you’re on Team Lips or Team Eyes!

Statement Eyes VS Statement Lips

Bold Oxblood Lips

Step 1. Line the lips with a deep red lip liner that’s as close to your lipstick shade as possible.

Step 2: Fill in your lips with an oxblood lipstick. For more control and accuracy, use a lip brush to apply the color. Build on the shade until you achieve the color intensity you want.

Product Recommendations: NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Hestia, YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in Pourpre Intouchable, Giorgio Armani Rouge D’Armani Lipstick in #204

Step 3: Dust a soft champagne-colored highlighter on the eyes and buff out gently.

Step 4: The rest of the face should look clean and flawless. Apply a light shade of matte bronzer or contour powder to the hollows of the cheeks for a subtle contouring effect (emphasis on “subtle!). Finish off with a lightweight finishing powder and you are good to go!

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Bold Smoky Eye

Step 1: Line the waterline and top lash line with a black, kohl eyeliner. Make sure the line on top thicker as you will be smoking it out.

Product Recommendations: L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Smoldering Liner in Black, Lancôme Le Crayon Khôl Black Lapis, NYX Slide On Pencil in Jet Black

Step 2: Using a short shadow blending brush, buff out the liner on the top lash line so the color extends past the crease. Work the color into the crease and sockets of the eyes. If you want a more intense smoky eye, lightly dust a charcoal or dark gray shadow on the lids and blend it out.

Step 3: Apply highlighter (liquid or powder) along the brow bone.

Step 4: Using an angled liner brush, apply black eye shadow along the lower lashline and blend it out.

Step 5: For the rest of the face, dust highlighter on the cheekbones, top brow bone and the bridge of your nose. Apply a little matte bronzer on the hollows of the cheeks.

Step 6: Pat a bit of concealer or foundation on the lips and top off your pout with a nude lipstick. Blend the color in well with a lip brush.

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Photo: Carlos Moscat
Makeup: Marygene Rose
Model: Caitlin Chapman


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