mbender Jul 25, 2011
Does this sound familiar: You leave your house in the morning looking hot, but come noon you look like, well, a hot mess? Here, some simple steps you can take to look fresh and beautiful from sunrise to sunset. Freshen your foundation fast. “Keep foundation looking smooth throughout the day by dabbing a damp makeup sponge on areas where foundation has wandered into cracks, fine lines and wrinkles,” suggests Emily Kate Warren, a makeup artist who works in film and television and at fashion shows. This gives foundation a smoother appearance without having to reapply your makeup from scratch. Blush beautifully all day. Blush can still look fabulous long after your morning application. Apply a makeup primer before your blush in the a.m. “This prepares the face for makeup and keeps it looking fresher for longer,” explains Napoleon Perdis, celebrity makeup artist. If you want to remove shine from skin throughout the day pat it with oil-blotting papers. “Powder or anything with a brush can remove makeup,” says Warren. Help lip color stay put. “The sure-fire way to keep your lipstick from disappearing before 10 a.m. is to prep and moisturize lips with a primer,” says Perdis. After the primer, apply a creamy concealer. “This creates a blank canvas for the color, keeps it long-lasting and gives your lip color that extra oomph,” explains Perdis. Next, swipe your lipstick on from the tube, blot gently, reapply, blot gently and then reapply again. “This pushes the pigment deep into your lip bed,” adds Warren. To keep color from bleeding, finish by applying a lip liner. Create lush lashes. “To keep mascara looking fresh, work it only at the roots of your lashes to create the appearance of a thicker lash line. This will also keep the tips from getting heavy,” explains Perdis. Also, look for a mascara formula that’s rich in natural waxes so you can add a swipe or two throughout the day without worrying about clumps. Uplift at the end of the day. Heading out after work and need a facial lift? Apply a pea-sized amount of a facial serum to the T-zone of your face, on top of your makeup. “This freshens your face,” says Perdis, who says this is the equivalent of an instant 5-Hour Energy drink for your complexion.


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