Jul 19, 2011
A blow-dryer can help you achieve straight strands that can last up to three days. Start with towel-dried hair. Use your fingers and a blow-dryer to remove extra water from the hair. Apply a straightening balm from your roots to your ends, and comb through strands to evenly distribute the product. Divide hair into three sections and clip each. Unclip one section and separate out a bit to work with. Lift up the section and wrap it around a round brush, pulling the hair in the opposite direction from how it will lay. Blow-dry underneath the section to create lift at the root. Then blow-dry the section from above with the nozzle facing down, pulling hair through the round brush to smooth it as you dry. Repeat these steps until all hair outside of the clip is dried. Apply a smoothing cream and hair spray to finish the look.


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