Street-style fashion is great and all, but who says your wardrobe is the only way to edge-up your look? Add some ’tude to your beauty routine (minus the sass) with makeup looks and hairstyles that say, “Don’t mess with me.”


Bobby Pin Art 

Bobby pins aren’t just for messy buns or sweet updos. They can actually be used as a form of hair art. Get funky and create geographic shapes that not only look cool, but will also keep your hair in place! Edgy and efficient … you can’t go wrong!


Slicked Back Hair 

Hair won’t cooperate? Or maybe it hasn’t been washed in days (because who has time for that anyway?). Grab a bottle of gel and just slick it all back for a fierce and runway-ready look.


Oxblood Lids 

Oxblood lipstick has been a popular look all season. But, oxblood lids are a different story. Ditch the traditional charcoal palette for deep and dark burgundy for the ultimate updated smoky eye.  


Mohawk Braid 

Nothing screams bada$$ like a mohawk. Mix that up with a braid and you’ll be running the world in no time!


Metallic Eye Accents 

Yeah, metallic eye shadow is all gravy, but have you ever used it as an accent below your lower lash line? One smooth wink and you’ll have everyone fawning over your brave new look.


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