Kristen Oldham Oct 8, 2012
If you can't get enough of Pinterest and wish you had more time to find the best beauty looks on the photo-sharing site, this column is for you. Each week we highlight a coveted hairstyle, makeup technique or nail design with a popular following, and get the tips and tricks for creating it from the person behind the original pin.  Blogger Maryam of !Maryam Maquillage! ("maquillage" means makeup) is an artist with a serious knack for creating gorgeous makeup and nail looks. Her work has even been featured in Cosmopolitan for Latinas. Here she explains how to create an almost exact knockoff of the wearable, yet sexy cat eye Sofia Vergara wore to the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards. Maryam says the key to replicating celebrity looks "is picking out a makeup style that is signature to the celebrity and a recognizable feature to mimic." What you need: How to do it: Step 1: Create a flawless canvas for your eye makeup by applying primer from your lids to brows. Tip: "I like to match the brand of my primer to the brand of my eye shadows since products within a brand are formulated to work best together," Maryam says. Step 2: Line your lash lines and inner rims with the dark brown pencil. Step 3: Use a pointed crease brush to blend the metallic chocolate brown shadow from you lash lines to creases while blending the liner out past your outer corners. This creates the "universally flattering" cat-eye shape, says Maryam. Step 4: Use a tapered fluffy crease brush and the matte taupe shadow to soften the edges of the chocolate brown shadow above your creases. Use a windshield-wiper motion to create the perfect soft edge. Step 5: Using a smudge brush, swipe the bronze shadow along your lower lash lines and inner corners. Step 6: Dab a touch of the shimmery pink shadow beyond the bronze on your inner corners of your eyes and dust a bit on the inner third of your lids. Step 7: Line top lashes with brown cream or gel liner. Step 8: Apply black mascara to your top and bottom lashes. Or, up the ante and first apply false lashes to your top lash lines. Tip: "Don't hesitate to reuse falsies—they look more natural once they lose their perfect, out-of-the-box appearance," Maryam says. "The pair I'm wearing in this look has been used three times prior to this application." Step 9: Fill in your brows with taupe pencil to give them a fuller, more defined effect. Top them with the taupe shadow to seal in the pencil.

Photo: Courtesy of !Maryam Maquillage! 



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