Sunscreen giveaway Favorite products come and go, but one item always remains at the top of our obsession list: sunscreen. From preventing sun damage (like skin cancer, for one), to dodging wrinkles and discolorations, we know we don't have to go on about why sunscreen should be everyone’s best friend. Yet, while sunscreen really is that awesome, there are actually some things you can add to your sun-care routine to maximize protection and anti-aging. Miami-based dermatologist Dr. Andrea Trowers gives us the scoop on how to “juice up” your SPF. First things first: get to know antioxidants. As Trowers explains, antioxidants are molecules that stop the damaging “oxidation process caused by sunlight which can lead to destruction of collagen and DNA resulting in wrinkles, brown spots, inflammation an skin cancer.” Two antioxidants with sun protective properties are Vitamin C and Vitamin E. “Vitamin C increases skin’s protection from UVA rays by reducing cell death and DNA damage and Vitamin E plays a greater role in protecting from UVB damage by absorbing the rays to some degree and decreasing sun induced redness, wrinkling and skin cancer formation,” says Trowers. “Studies have shown that the combination of the two is more powerful than either one working alone.” Now that we’re armed with our key vitamins, Trowers explains how to apply for maximum results: “The best time of day to apply antioxidants is right before sunscreen in the morning. The antioxidant helps to stop the damage that is formed by the rays that might get past your sunscreen. Think of it as your second layer of defense. No sunscreen is 100%, so adding antioxidants gives you a whole other level of protection. If I could cover myself head to toe in antioxidants every day, I would!” So we know how to prep our SPF, but what about after sun exposure? According to Trowers, “post-sun your skin may require extra hydration due to the drying effect of the sun's rays. If skin has been over dried or is peeling, you can also use an exfoliating moisturizer, such as SkinCeuticals Body Correct Retexturing Treatment, to improve the appearance of skin. It contains hyaluronic acid which is like a sponge that captures and holds onto water and as a result, using it post sun exposure can refresh dehydrated skin.” To offer some of our favorite products with maximum sun-protection and skin benefits, we partnered with SkinCeuticals to give away a comprehensive summer sun care regimen! Plus, you’ll need something chic to carry around your goodies, so we’re also giving away this adorable Persifor canvas tote! Here’s what you could win: Here’s how to enter:
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