Jennifer Hirshlag Feb 9, 2013
With all the attendees coming in from the blizzard roiling outdoors, it was not too much of a leap to have winter on the mind at the Suno fall 2013 ready-to-wear presentation during New York Fashion Week. Fortunately the beauty team backstage lent a cozy sensibility to what was the look's inspiration that gave us plenty to warm up to. Makeup artist Carole Colombani put her emphasis on models's eyes. After prepping their skin to be "soft and subtle and super-clean" with MAC foundation and concealer applied only where needed, she set to work on their lids. She created a velvety autumnal blush by first blending MAC Fast Response Eye Cream with a terracotta shadow to act as a base and then blending the same cream with a red Lover's Lure shadow (to be released in the spring) to act as an accent above pupils. She skipped mascara, instead bolding brows with a hit of powder shadow to frame the eyes. To bring a bit of color to the cheeks, she blended two MAC lipsticks that were not "too pinky nor too brown for a softness." She then moisturized lips and left them otherwise bare. Hairstylist Odile Gilbert moved her girl from a transitional season and placed her right on the slopes, for a flyaway effect that she called "electric." "It's what happens when you just come in from skiing," she explained. To achieve the desired static texture, she worked Kérastase Age Premium Mousse Substantive into strands and then blow-dried hair with models's heads bent upside down. She then formed a center part, teased hair slightly at the roots and then pulled the length back into a ponytail, leaving a gentle cocoon shape around the head. Nail artist Casey Herman rounded out the wintry look with gold flecks that appeared like drops of snow on nude tips. The gorgeous metallic effect was the result of applying Rococo 24k Gold Leaf Nail Lacquer, in a careful process that was less like painting and more like strategically laying down foil.




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