Ah, the Super Bowl. The one game day a year that fanatics and NFL newbies join together and celebrate a wholesome dose of Bruno Mars football. It’s this day, that we tend to get a little out of control–yelling at the TV, high-fiving everyone in sight, and demonstrating our best end zone dance moves. But no matter how excited we are to support our favorite team, there’s one thing we can’t really get past-how do we rally without investing in a jersey or getting carried away with body paint? Our makeup, of course. Incorporating Seattle Seahawks or Denver Broncos colors into your beauty is a sure-fire way to cheer your team to victory and look fabulous doing it. sports themed manicure Your Nails Spirit fingers. Jazz hands. We know you’ve brought it on a time or two; and with your mitts constantly elevated above your head, it’s nice to know that your manicure can express enough Super Bowl love for half of MetLife Stadium. Sure you might not want to get nail art done in gels (in case your team loses and you’re scared of some post-game taunting), but three polishes in your team’s colors and you’ll be touchdown ready with our holographic nails tutorial. Product picks: Maybelline The Color Show Nail Polish in Blast of Blue, China Glaze Entourage Kicks, essie Cashmere Bathrobe Sports themed makeup Your Makeup Super Bowl beauty may seem like a misnomer, but it’s a real thing and we can prove it. A bright orange pout made an impression on us all, and navy liner, well lets just say our colored eyeliners aren’t going away any time soon. When you combine the two, you’re the prettiest Broncos fan of them all. This bold combo means you can avoid clogging your pores with the number 18 plastered across your cheek and still represent your team proudly. After applying an orange glossy lip, try one of these colored eyeliner looks in navy to give you a fearless “don’t mess with Manning” finish. Product picks: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Abyss, Maybelline Color Elixir in Mandarin Rapture   How will you be supporting your favorite team during the Super Bowl? Share your look or team spirit in the comments below.


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