Halloween is the one day you can dress up like a superhero without anyone questioning your superpowers. All you need is a killer costume, a few swipes of eye shadow, and the right attitude. You’ll be bolder than your co-worker who comes to work every year in a sexy pirate costume! Using products you already own, follow this L’Oréal Paris Halloween makeup tutorial and just watch how your co-workers and office frenemies admire your handiwork.


Halloween Makeup Tips Superhero


Step 1. Eye Shadow Application

We’re not ones to shy away from an extra pop of color, especially on Halloween. With your Colour Riche Shadow apply a teal shade to your lids and up to your brow bone. Extend the color outward to your hairline, the undereye area and over the bridge of your nose to create a superhero “mask”!


Step 2: Eyeliner Application

Define your upper and lower lash lines with Infallible Lacquer Liner for an extra pierce to your gaze. A smooth-as-silk application matched with a precise, glossy finish will leave your eyes sparkling all night long.


Step 3: Mascara Application

Get super long and full lashes with Voluminous Original Mascara. Your superpower can be batting away the bad guys with your lashes!


Step 4: Lipstick Application

Complete your daring look with a swipe of ultra-violet Colour Riche Lipcolour and voila—you’re ready to save the world (or at least the Halloween party) and keep a wary eye out for lurking foes.




Makeup: Nancy Alba

Photo: Jessica Schramm

Model: Yilin Wang 

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