Diana Crisan Jul 21, 2015

While standing in front of the A/C all summer seems like a safe plan, it doesn’t sound like any fun. Summer is meant to be celebrated outdoors. Unless, of course, you’re sweating through your shirt (and makeup) within minutes. But that isn’t stopping us from having a blast, because these tricks will have us staying cool and sweating less — even when it’s as hot as ten thousand suns out there!

Sweat Less

1. Choose an Excellent Antiperspirant, Not Deodorant: While deodorant is meant to cover up the smell of sweat, an antiperspirant will actually help curb moisture. Kiehl’s Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant reduces underarm perspiration for 24-hour protection by using micro-sized drying molecules that leave skin feeling soft, smooth — and most importantly — free of sweat and odor.

2. Loose Clothes to the Rescue: Loose, flowing clothes will keep you much cooler than, say, a tight tank and daisy dukes! Opt in for flowing fabric that won’t cling to skin and make you feel sweaty and sticky. Also, stay away from synthetic fibers like polyester and go for breathable cotton instead!

3. Bring the Shade WITH You: If there isn’t a tree to hang out under, bring the shade to you in the form of a wide-brimmed hat, headscarf, or even handheld sun umbrella because keeping cool will help you keep dry!

4. Keep Hair Up High: While loose, beachy waves come out to play in the summertime, keep your hair up in a high pony, sleek top bun or messy bun on extra sweltering days to keep hair off of your neck for extra comfort and breathability! Now you can give your face a spritz of Shu Uemura  Deepsea Water Facial Mist with Mint for a cooling boost without your hair getting in the way!

5. Sweat-Proof Your Face:
Keeping your face cool, hydrated and in place will make you more comfortable and less prone to sweating your makeup away! After applying your makeup, spritz your skin with a cooling spray to prevent makeup from having a meltdown! We love the Urban Decay Chill with Temperature Control Technology, as it actually chills the surface of your makeup to keep it looking fresh and glowing for up to 12 hours!

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