Angela Melero Nov 7, 2014

In many ways, all of us are creatures of habit. Some of us have benign-yet-annoying habits like fidgeting or twirling hair while some of us have slightly more intense (and unattractive) habits. Although you might think that habits like biting nails and picking at lips are more gross than they are unhealthy, you’d be surprised. Some of these can lead to permanent damage to your skin and your health. Check out the truth behind some of the most common habits.

Lip Picking
While this habit may seem minor and just a way to rid your pout of dry, dead skin, we suggest taking it a tad more seriously. Lip picking can actually become a medical disorder (really!) and lead to bleeding, scabbing, infection and/or permanent damage to the lips. Sorry if we’re scaring you, but we want you to be able to rock your brightest lipstick shade with scab-free lips! Resist the urge to pick at your dry lips by keeping them moisturized and soft with a nourishing balm like Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue.

Nail Biting
This is not a new one, guys. In addition to being not-so-cute, this habit can be bad for your health. Putting your unwashed hands in your mouth can spread germs, warts, illness and/or infection. Excessive chewing on the nails can also impact the fragile skin surrounding the nail and change the shape of your nail. To help keep your nails far away from your mouth, try applying a no-bite solution like Orly No Bite.

Listen to your mother and sit up straight! Excessive slouching not only makes for less-than-flattering photos, but it also causes stress to your back and can have some painful effects such as headaches, jaw pain and spinal deformation. Yikes!

Frowning and Squinting
These two scrunched expressions are a no-no in the anti-aging game. Over time, the lines formed when squinting and frowning can deepen, lose elasticity and become permanent. Premature aging is not in our game plan! Our solutions? Stop frowning and squinting! Think happy thoughts that will make you smile instead and equip yourself with a wrinkle-fighting solution like L’Oréal Paris Youth Code Serum Intense.

Sleeping With Makeup On
We all have those nights where exhaustion gets the better of us and all we want to do is collapse into our beds with the day’s makeup still on our tired mugs. While we empathize, we also encourage you to resist the urge. Sleeping with makeup can be a major no bueno for your skin. While you’re sleeping, makeup can clog your pores and oil glands and even lead to inflammation and collagen breakdown (which means wrinkles are on their way). So, even if you’re ready to collapse, try to at least wipe your face down with some cleansing wipes (like The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes) before you hit the hay.

Are you guilty of any of these bad habits? ‘Fess up in the comments below!



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