Aimee Blaut Oct 9, 2012
Aimee Blaut caught up with the former International Director of Creation and Marketing for Yves Saint Laurent Beauté and By Terry creator, Terry de Gunzburg. De Gunzburg is famous for creating YSL's cult-favorite concealer Touche Éclat and for her "haute couleur" collections. De Gunzburg invited Blaut into her home in London to talk shop and share her daily beauty rituals. While working at Yves Saint Laurent in '92, I came up with this click pen, Touche Éclat. The term "éclat" did not exist in the vocabulary of the cosmetics industry at the time. The words were "coverage," "perfection," "matte," "sheer," "iridescent"—but not glow. I invented the word "glow" in this industry. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. I always believed even when I was a makeup artist that glow is much more interesting than perfection. My focus was to get the glow. Today I use very few things. My theory is less is more. I’m not using a lot of products, but ones that are high in concentration and I use them every day. The repeated ritual is very good. Every season I’m not changing my products, but I’m adding something new for eight days just to refresh. It’s like a haircut. It challenges your skin a bit. I cannot wake up or go to bed without deeply cleaning my face, but it only takes me three minutes. I start with my Douceur de Rose cleansing cream. I massage it on for one minute and that dissolves the impurities in the deep layers of my skin. Sometimes I'll just use Grain de Rose scrub, a rosebud exfoliator, but I always finish off with Gelée de Rose moisturizer. I pat it on and rinse it off with a hot towel. Next I use Source de Rose toner, but I put it in my hand like an aftershave and not on a pad. I do this every morning and night, and my skin is in great condition. In terms of makeup, I start off with foundation. Touche Veloutée is my  concealer, and for mascara I wear Terrybly. The more you use it, the more it reconditions your lashes and stimulates their growth. Next I do my eyebrows, put on a lipstick and that’s it. I love color! So for my lipstick it can depend on the day and my mood. I usually wear a red or a nude shade.

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