tfuller Aug 18, 2011
They had me at “no dry time.” The new Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips seemed like the perfect solution for a girl on the go: peel the polish off the strips, fit them to your nails, press, file of the extra tidbits, and viola, you’re ready to hit the town. But were they really that easy? I embarked on a journey to the drugstore to pick up a pack to prep for a Shark Week themed party (don’t ask…) that was starting in two hours. Now keep in mind, I’m no beauty expert. The first time I attempted using a curling iron, I burned my face. The first time I tried liquid eyeliner…well…let’s just say the cat-eye look was NOT achieved. In terms of skill-set, I’m behind; but hey, at least I always give it the old college try. I settled on Frock Star—a multi-colored, glittery pattern—and let the fun begin. After thoroughly reading the instructions, I was pretty confident. Like I said before, all it entails is peeling, pressing, fitting, and filing. Even a beauty novice should be able to get this right…or so I thought. Issue #1: One size (or even multiple sizes) does not fit all The key to making these strips work is finding the right fit for each nail. Unfortunately, the sizes provided in the set didn’t quite work for me. And if the strips are too wide, it’s very difficult to size them without ripping off chunks. So basically, a few of my nails looked like they had baby shark bites out of the sides—but at least it still fit the party theme, right? Issue #2: You need good aim When it comes to doing my nails, I have a terrible habit of getting shaky hands. Therefore, trying to fit the strips perfectly against my cuticles was no easy feat. But similarly to painting your nails, I figured it wouldn’t look to bad if there was a wee bit extra polish covering my cuticles. When I got in the shower, however, I realized what a big issue this was. The excess got caught in my hair, and what do ya know? Two of my perfectly polished nails popped right off, and went down the drain. The good news: each pack comes with extra strips! Issue #3: Patience is mandatory  Seven of my 10 polished nails made it through the party. Come Sunday night (before the Monday workday), I decided to use nail polish remover and totally start from scratch. Thirty minutes, 10 cotton balls and half a container of remover later…the polish was…mostly off. No wonder these require no dry time—they’re like concrete! Great for a long work week when your normal manicure is likely to result in numerous chips; not so great if you only want to rock a funky look for a few days. Now it’s your turn! Give it whirl. If you’ve already played with these bad boys, let us know (and share some tips!) in the comments.


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