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With clients like Salma Hayek, Lauren Bush, Kate Moss, Kate Beckinsale and Richard Gere, there's no question Julien Farel is a hotshot in the hair world. But regardless of client roster, and despite top talent and insane expertise, can any single blowout be worth $350? After spending an hour or so at the Julien Farel salon in the Setai on 5th Avenue, I found the answer.

Blowouts with Julien himself start at $250. But the first step to the blowout process was a $100 add-on treatment—Julien’s own JF RESTORE. It’s touted as the return to virgin hair, and although I only individually color a few pesky grey strands to match the rest of my non-colored hair, I have to say, that’s some claim. The anti-aging treatment is super clean, containing no sulfates, silicones, detergents or parabens. It is massaged into dry hair and the key ingredients (resveratrol, bioflavonoids and laureth 7) work to correct hair damage and generate regrowth of healthy hair. I didn’t ask many more detailed questions about the science or technology—my only interest was if it worked. Who doesn’t look at childhood pictures and recall how shiny, bouncy, and healthy their hair once was? I was all for bringing it back. And $100 didn’t seem unreasonable.

I was then shampoo’d, conditioned, rinsed, and given a head massage. The head massage alone was something I’d pay extra for…I was honestly sad when it was time for the actual blowdry!

The blowout was phenomenal. Julien expertly sectioned and twisted and set my hair into loose, feminine waves as we chatted about life and love. (The only things one ever talks about in the hairdresser’s chair, right?)

By the time he was done, I felt like I was walking off set from a hair commercial. My hair looked incredibly shiny and sleek, with the perfect amount of movement and texture.

After my blowout, I met friends downstairs at the bar and later went to a sushi dinner—my hair definitely turned heads. And being admittedly a teeeeny bit vain, this certainly did not detract from its value! The blowout lasted (and looked as good!) for a solid three days. So back to the question: Is a blowout ever worth $350?! Here’s how a beauty girl like me breaks it down…
  • $350 - $100 for virgin hair = $250
  • $250 - $50 for killer scalp massage = $200
  • $200 - $50 for ego-boosting double-takes = $150
  • $150/3 days wear = a verrrrry affordable 50 bucks
No, it’s not for every day, and not even for every special occasion. But to be pampered in Julien’s chair is a luxury every girl deserves now and again. Or at least just once. Would you spend $350 on a blowout?


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