May 15, 2014
This post is brought to you by our friends at shu uemura. There’s a reason they call beauty professionals “artists.” Though it may not feel like art while you're running out the door, swiping on mascara at the very last minute, somewhere there was an inspired makeup artist whose influence contributed to its creation. Here at, we’re huge on wearable beauty trends that are inspired by true artists. So naturally, we were overjoyed to get our hands on the new collection “mika for shu,” a collaboration between shu uemura and renowned Japanese photographer and film director Mika Ninagawa, who’s known for her dreamlike use of bright colors. Inspired by the artistry of shu uemura and its iconic lashes and lipsticks, Mika created four vivid wonderlands, which were then used as a starting point for the entire breathtaking beauty collection. With the help of beauty extraordinaire Elyse Reneau, a true artist in her own right, we used these products to create the perfect look for a girl’s trip to Vegas, a bachelorette party or prom night. the art of beauty

Get the Look

Before you begin, ensure your face is freshly cleansed by using shu uemura Mika Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil. Want nails to match? Use these tips to apply the mika for shu nail stickers! Step 1: Apply shu uemura Pressed Eye Shadow in ME Light Pink 126 to the inner corners of eyes, blending slightly toward the center of the lid, carrying the shadow down to the inner corner of the lower lash line. Step 2: Gently blend the Pressed Eye Shadow in M Light Purple 716 into the center of the eyelid, blending out toward both sides and up into the center of the crease. Carry this shadow down to the center of the bottom lash line and blend it into the light pink shadow. Top this color with the shimmery beige from the mika eyeshadow spiro duo. Use your finger to press the shimmer into the lid. Step 3: Use the Pressed Eye Shadow in P Dark Purple 781 in the outer crease, blending it into the light purple shadow in the center. Add a touch of this color to the bottom outer lash line, so that each of the three colors on the lid mirror those on the bottom lash line. Make sure to blend all shades. Step 4: Use an angled eyeliner brush to apply shu uemura Painting Liner in Black, following the shape of the eye, with a slight flick up on the outer corners. Use the same liner on the lower waterline. Curl eyelashes using the iconic Eye Lash Curler and then swipe Tokyo Lash Mascara across top and bottom lashes. Step 5: Add some color to the cheeks and lips with the Tint in Gelato: Lip and Cheek Color in PK 01 Berry Berry for the cheeks and PK 02 Milky Framboise for the lips. Step 6: For a touch of fanciful high-fashion, add the mika mini neo star-glitz fake eyelashes to the top outer lashes with these simple tips. Cover any lash adhesive with some extra eyeliner.   Would you wear this beauty look out for a night on the town? Tell us what you think in the comments!   Photos: Joshua M Shelton Makeup and Hair: Elyse Reneau Model: Ama Amoafo-Yeboah


About the Author:Our goal is to create a beauty experience that’s personalized, educational and, most of all, fun.

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