While warm weather and sunshine sum up everything we love about summer, the affair is bittersweet. Painful sunburns and dry, brittle hair are the not-so-fun by-products of this tryst—you could say we’ve been burned one too many times.

In an effort to keep our relationship with the sun going strong, there are a few skincare essentials we look to—the number one being a small, but mighty, plant: aloe vera. This prickly miracle-worker is our go-to for keeping skin and hair perfectly cool and moisturized. Continue reading to discover three reasons why you should cozy up with aloe vera this summer.

aloe vera benefits

It’s Soothing

Leaving your skin unprotected when outdoors can have major consequences. Chafing, burning, redness and peeling are just a few of the consequences for having too much fun in the sun. And while now would be the perfect time to talk to you about the importance of SPF and proper sun protection, we’ll spare you the lecture and focus instead on what to do once the damage has already been done.

Enter aloe vera. While it hasn’t been scientifically proven that aloe can speed the healing of sunburns, the plant can certainly soothe and cool the skin during its recovery process. Planning a beach day soon? Pack an aloe-infused moisturizer or gel to apply to your body post-sun. Also, if your face has been burned, try washing it with an aloe vera cleanser. The plant extract will help calm your inflamed cheeks, and your skin will thank you.

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It Hydrates the Skin

In addition to cooling and calming the skin, aloe vera has excellent moisturizing properties. The plant’s oils deliver a potent punch of moisture to ultra-dry skin, making it ideal for preventing post-burn peeling and dryness. It’s important to keep your body as hydrated as possible this time of year, because the heat has a tendency to deplete the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Try blending your regular lotion with an aloe-infused formula and apply liberally.

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It Conditions the Hair

Surprised? Don’t be. The plant’s superior hydrating and moisturizing properties can also work wonders on your dry, brittle locks. If your hair is feeling rough from too much sea and pool water, try an aloe-based hair mask to replenish its shine and texture.

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What else do you use to nurse a sunburn? Tell us in the comments below!


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