rmalhotra Dec 28, 2011
Wide-tooth comb:   Ideal for every hair type, this medicine cabinet essential works quickly to detangle and smooth freshly-washed hair. “It’s perfect to keep in the shower to evenly distribute conditioner, or use right after you get out before styling,” says Berta Agaronyan, a stylist at Blow Angels salon in Los Angeles. Run the comb all the way from roots to ends for knot-free strands. Paddle brush: Another versatile tool, this multipurpose brush can be used to smooth, straighten, and increase shine for long hair. “I like to use it before a round brush to help dry hair first,” Agaronyan says. Spritz some shine spray over the brush after styling and run through hair for subtle glossiness that won’t weigh down over the course of the day. Boar round brush:   If your strands are tightly curled, this must-have will help gently grab them at the roots to make them smooth and frizz-free. “The larger the brush, the more loose your curls will end up, Agaronyan says. Ceramic round brush:  Designed to work with heat styling tools, this brush helps hair dry quickly and smoothly with lots of volume. “Wrap sections of hair around the brush, hold it vertically, and blast it with heat from your blowdryer,” Agaronyan says. “When you release, you’ll have soft, bendy waves and tons of body.”


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