exfoliators Sundresses, shorts, sleeveless tops—is your skin ready for summer? Slough off the dull, dry skin winter left behind with a full-body scrub down. Here are a few of the exfoliators Team MDC turns to for silky smooth skin. MDC Quick Tip: Before hopping in the shower to exfoliate, up the skin-sloughing power of your scrub with a little dry brushing. Use a natural-bristle brush that’s fairly stiff and brush in upward strokes to loosen dry skin before you scrub it away.

the body shop citrus exfoliator Nothing says summer like the smell of citrus and smooth skin. The Body Shop Spa Fit Smoothing Refining Body Scrub offers gentle exfoliation with the natural hydration of honey. Refine skin’s texture with 100% natural-origin citrus ingredients like lemon and grapefruit.

mud exfoliatorThere’s an ancient African spa ritual that utilizes muti mud to remove dead skin cells, and this product brings it home. African Botanics Marula African Muti Mud Mineral Body Scrub is a luxurious treatment that deeply exfoliates with fine lava crystals and hydrates with wild-grown African marula oil. Rejuvenate your whole body with Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish. Scrubbing with this exfoliator relaxes muscles with a cooling sensation while it works to improve circulation. The pure brown sugar granules are especially perfect for polishing rough areas like elbows, knees and heels. body exfoliatorThe buffing grains in Lancôme Exfoliant Fraîchelle Invigorating Body Scrub gently exfoliate to reveal radiant and refreshed skin. Lather up with the nourishing Pro Vitamin B5 formula and get ready to show off soft, smooth skin from head to toe. Other than stepping up the exfoliation, how do you get ready for summer? Share your tips below! Photos: African Botanics, The Body Shop, Fresh, Lancôme, Thinkstock

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