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Not sure which shadow will pop those baby blues or which liner will best bring out your gorgeous green? Well, that dust-collecting drawer of untouched shades that were pretty in the package but not in person isn’t doing any of us any good! Read on for the cliff notes to choosing the PERFECT shade based on your eye color. The key lesson To accentuate those pretty peepers, pick a palette that is either monochromatic (different shades of the same or very similar colors) or complementary (opposite colors on the color wheel). Read on to get your personal shade recos… Play up blue eyes Whether your eyes are crystal blue, aqua blue or grey blue, these are the colors for you: Shadow:
  • Monochromatic – Navy, Grey, Silver
  • Complementary – Brown, Peach, Copper
Liner: Blue eyes pop when rimmed in jet black or chocolate brown for contrast. For a softer look, stick with navy or grey. Intensify green eyes To add some oomph to shades of green, stick with this palette: Shadow:
  • Monochromatic – Forest Green, Gold
  • Complementary –Pink, Purple, Rose, Mauve 
Liner: Outline green peepers in shades of brown and bronze. Enhance brown eyes For you, my brown-eyed girls, pretty much anything goes! Here are our favorite picks: Shadow:
  • Monochromatic – Black, Brown, Bronze, Taupe
  • Complementary – Bold Brights—from Cobalt Blue to Emerald Green, Violets and Lilacs
Liner: For a bombshell look, go bronze. For sparks of color, try eggplant, jade or emerald liners. Your homework Now that you’ve got your cheat sheet, go through your beauty stash and start creating new looks using all monochromatic or entirely complementary colors.  And toss those shades that aren’t getting any play. What color are your eyes and what shadow-liner combo are you dying to try?


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