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Want to know what to use for prettier, healthier hair? We thought so. Try these picks and get ready for endless good hair days. If your hair is straight: The good news is, you don’t have to do blowouts. The not-so-great news: Your hair is prone to limpness caused by oil or products that are too heavy. Go with lightweight shampoos and conditioners that won’t weigh your hair down. A good body-boosting duo: Oribe Shampoo for Magnificent Volume and Oribe Conditioner for Magnificent Volume. And restraint is critical when applying conditioner. “Only use it on the ends of hair; never on the roots—it’ll flatten down,” says Greg Ruggeri, owner of Ruggeri salon in New York City. To style straight hair, keep it simple. Try a volumizer like Redken 06 Thickening Lotion Body Builder to make your strands look magically multiplied. “It’s like a glaze that gives your hair a lift. Just apply it to damp hair and blow dry or let your hair dry natural,” says Redken stylist Nelson Vercher. The perfect finishing touch: a little gloss. “There’s nothing like shiny, straight hair. I use Evo Love Perpetua Shine Drops. It absorbs into the hair and leaves it feeling so nice,” says Ruggeri. Rub a tiny bit into your palms then rub onto the bottom third of your hair for sexy shine. If your hair is wavy: This hair type gets the best of both worlds—gorgeous texture without a ton of maintenance. When it comes to picking the right shampoo and conditioner, “You have to have some moisture, but not too much,” says Vercher. Try sudsing with Redken Clear Moisture Shampoo and Redken Clear Moisture Conditioner to keep your strands clean and balanced. After you wash and condition, play up your natural texture with a non-crunchy gel like Garnier Pure Clean Gel. Use a quarter size amount and rake it through your hair in sections starting in the back and working your way to the front. “It’s the best way to distribute product,” says Vercher. Pros say air drying is best for textured hair, but when you’re running late, cheat with a diffuser. “It helps you get the moisture out without having to touch your hair,” says Ruggeri. Handling it too much can make your waves look wonky—so just let them do their thing. When you want to switch it up and go straight, prep damp hair with a styling cream like Evo Easy Tiger Smoothing Fluid before you go at it with a blow dryer and a round brush. If your hair is curly or kinky: Sebum (the natural oil on your scalp) has to work harder to travel to the ends of curly and kinky hair so products that add lots of moisture are a must. Start hydrating in the shower with a sulfate-free shampoo—it won’t strip your strands. Try L’Oréal EverStrong Sulfate-Free Hydrate Shampoo and follow with L’Oréal EverStrong Sulfate-Free Hydrate Conditioner. And be sure not to pile your hair up on top of your head as you go. “That’s just screaming for tangles. Keep it loose and make sure you cover every part of your hair with conditioner.” says Vercher. If you have larger curls, use an alcohol-free styler like Pureology Real Curl for definition. For tighter coils, opt for a richer product like Mizani True Textures Moisture Stretch Curl Extending Cream. Apply it in sections while your hair is damp for the best results. If you have a relaxer or color: Chemically processed hair is extra thirsty. Quench it with a weekly deep conditioning mask like Kérastase Masque Nutri-Thermique or L’OréalEverPure Sulfate-Free Moisture Restorative Masque once a week to keep your hair soft and safe from breakage. What kind of hair do you have and what is your go-to hair product?


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