Charu Suri Mar 14, 2012
Each year, the Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) receives hundreds of beauty product submissions across various categories—from the Masstige to the Prestige—for their annual awards ceremony (a.k.a the Oscars of the beauty world). The awards won't be handed out until May, but you can check out this year's entries now. We got a chance to chat with CEW President Carlotta Jacobson, who dished on what she's seeing by way of hot beauty trends—but she remained mum on the products that she thinks will win big this year. Q: What categories have exploded (in terms of product submissions)? A: Nail is a new category and it has just exploded over the past year. It was one of the biggest growing categories in terms of sales; so, it's a really important category. The largest category was Bath and Body; our Indie brands came out to 28 and we have 19 products in the eco-friendly category. Q: Last year, the anti-aging category was huge—is that still the case? A: We still get a lot of submissions in the anti-aging category, but what we're seeing now are products that are directed towards the anti-aging category but not specifically a primers. There's like every kind of primer you can think of and when you think about it, that really is an anti-aging product because it primes the skin. What we really saw a growth in last year was also foundations that are multi-purposed in nature, but very light and very treatment oriented. This is where the market is going. We saw a lot in the lip category, and a lot of multitasking beauty balms. Q: Is there a wish list of categories you hope to award at future ceremonies? A: I think devices—gadgets—are going to be the next big category. We didn't put it in now because there are only (relatively) a few of them, but Lancôme buying Clarisonic, for instance, is a sign of bigger things to come.


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