jmorris Feb 22, 2012
“Since your skin produces less oil in the winter due to the absence of sun light and heat, your left with dry skin,” says dermatologist Dennis Gross, M.D. “Additionally, there is less humidity in winter air, which causes any moisture you may have to evaporate off of your skin.“ Here are four things to avoid to ensure your skin looks healthy and radiant. Mistake #1: Forgetting to exfoliate Take the extra step—it’s worth it! It’s important to exfoliate during the winter because dry skin will clog your pores resulting in breakouts. Since some scrub cleansers can be harsh on dry skin, Dr. Gross recommends exfoliating gently with Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids. Try DG Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Facial Peel. Mistake #2: Using oil-free moisturizer Don't worry! You can go back to your beloved oil-free moisturizer in the summertime, but you need a heavier moisturizer infused with humectants to draw water from the atmosphere into your skin (like a magnetic pull). Not convinced? Try it—your skin will look instantly plumper and firmer. Mistake #3: Skipping sunscreen The snow on the ground increases your chances of sun damage. Like sand, it acts as a mirror reflecting UV rays up and onto your face. “It’s a great idea to make applying sunscreen every morning second nature, like brushing your teeth or combing your hair,”  says Dr. Gross. Mistake #4: Piling on the harsh acne products "Harsh acne products can backfire by intensifying redness in already sensitive skin," Dr. Gross says. To reduce dryness in the winter, Dr. Gross recommends avoiding alcohol based products, because they can be too drying. You can start by switching to a toner made with witch hazel rather than alcohol to avoid stripping the skin.


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