Dec 17, 2010
By now you know that, as YouTube's most-watched makeup artist, Michelle Phan has millions of fans. But which beauty blogs is Michelle a fan of? When I recently posed that question to her, she had only one answer: "I just love it," said Michelle of the barely three-month old site. "It's so chic and insider-y—you feel like you're getting a cool behind-the-scenes peek at the fashion and beauty industries, but at the same time, the tone feels more approachable than a lot of other fashion blogs." It's that perfect balance of style and approachability that makes Into The Gloss and its editor, Emily Weiss, such an original voice in the beauty blogging world. At 25-years old, with previous stints working in fashion at Teen Vogue and W and a current gig assisting renowned stylist and Vogue contributor Elissa Santisi, Emily saw a void in the blogosphere. “I found myself asking people which beauty products they use just as often as I'd ask about their outfits,” she told me back in September when the site launched. "So I decided to create a street-style blog that captured beauty from the inside, through the eyes of the people who get to see and try it all." On her site, you'll find the favorite products, photos, and musings of the stylish people Emily encounters every day, from top editors and models to budding fashion assistants. She also shoots all the site’s gorgeous photos herself and shares her own product reviews. Last night here in New York City, Emily was feted at a Tribeca bash hosted by her mentor Elissa Santisi, Sally Singer (editor in chief of T: The New York Times Style Magazine), and Lancôme. Models, editors, makeup artists, and beauty big wigs all came out to toast the rising star, pictured above with yours truly to her left. Emily wore a wintery-chic combination of softly defined eyes and shiny plum lips (the work of her good friend, makeup artist Lisa Houghton) and Essie's cherry red polish, Macks, on her nails (sadly, the shade is discontinued). As for her dazzling dress, that too was vintage. "I think it cost me maybe $50," she said. Spoken like a true fashion insider. PHOTO: Billy Farrell/


About the Author:Our goal is to create a beauty experience that’s personalized, educational and, most of all, fun.

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