Contouring may be the “trend of the year” (er, years), but that doesn’t mean it’s gotten any easier! With all the tools, techniques, tutorials and terms (i.e., clown contouring, tontouring, cleavage contouring), can someone just break it all down and make it simple? The answer is yes — because we just did! Here’s your guide to contouring everything that can be contoured. You’re welcome.

How to Contour Eyes

Step 1. Apply highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes and directly on the brow bone.

Step 2. Contour the crease of your eye with a darker shade using an eye shader brush. Here’s how to contour your eyes for your specific eye shape!

How to Contour Nose

Step 1. Brush some highlighter along the bridge of your nose, up to the center of your forehead (in between your brows). To make things extra simple, use the Lancôme Le Duo Stick — a highlighter and contouring stick in one!

Step 2. Apply your contouring product down the sides of your nose (just to the left and right of the highlighted area). Now blend, blend, blend!

How to Contour Face

Step 1. Highlight in strokes beneath your eyes, on your chin (directly below your lower lip), the center of your forehead and just below the hollows of your cheekbones.

Step 2. Contour along the top of the forehead near your hairline, the hollows of your cheekbones and across your jawline.

Step 3. To make your lips stand out and appear fuller, highlight just above your cupid’s bow, in the dip leading up to your nose. Add some contour powder along the sides of the highlighted area and blend the makeup until the color transition is natural. 

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Collarbone Contouring

Step 1. Highlight across the middle (length-wise) of your collarbone. Contour just above and below the highlighted area of your clavicle.

Step 2.
Using your contouring product, create two “V” shapes in the space between where your collarbones meet and highlight in the gap of the V to really make this area pop. Then blend!

Even with all the tutorials, directions, tips and videos out there on the Web, contouring can be tough. Here’s a little extra help to get you to #ProStatus …

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Carlos Moscat
Model: Taylor Smith
Makeup: Alana Dawn

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