A dotting tool can be a life saver when it comes to creating new nail looks. That's why we enlist these and/or Scotch tape in just about every manicure we do. Because the ease of a dotting tool makes us look like a bunch of certified nail technicians by the time we're done with our manicure instead of writers with a penchant for getting lacquer everywhere. With a dotting tool you can create animal print nails, unique designs and well, dots. Going the dot route might seem boring, but a few twists in your application process and you've got the dotted fade manicure.
dotted fade manicure


essie Turquoise & Caicos
Zoya Megan Seche Vite Top Coat
Dotting tool


1. Apply two coats of turquoise nail polish and let dry.
2. Then using your dotting tool begin placing dots across your nail using your light purple shade. You'll want the spots to be spaced out at the middle of your nail. The great thing about this look is no two nails need be identical, so variations in spacing and dot size is okay.
3. As you work your way closer to the tip of the nail, using this same color, place your dots closer together until there is no space in between them. This will create a fully covered tip, and give the impression that the dots have faded as they go further down your nail.
4. Apply a top coat to seal your manicure. For quick drying time and extra shine, we suggest essie Good to Go Top Coat. And if dots are your go-to manicure, MDC has plenty more ways to wear them, HERE.

Are dots your thing? More of a tape manicure girl?
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