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Since we dream about lipstick and nail polish every night in our sleep (and then write the dreams down in a journal when we wake up), we could easily come up with a handful of questions to ask beauty experts like Tim Quinn (@timquinnbeauty), Giorgio Armani Beauty's celebrity makeup artist. But, we didn't feel that would be fair to you, the Makeup.com readers. Instead we took to Facebook to find out what specific questions YOU had for our esteemed/perfectly coifed and manicured panel of experts. Here are Quinn's answers to some of your biggest beauty questions: Q: What's your technique for making large eyes appear smaller (yes, some of us want to downsize our peepers—believe it or not)?  A: I like to work with matte shadows in order to minimize the emphasis on the lid.  Rather than adding color to the crease, keep contrast closer to the lash line.  This will give the illusion of the eyelid being more recessed rather than opening the eye up more with contour in the crease. Q: What are the 'IT' makeup colors for fall, and what is the most modern way to wear them?  A: The two biggest fall beauty trends are matte rouge lips and metallic eyes. Pair the dramatic lip with neutral texture on the eye. Pair metallic eyes with a softer lip and a hint of gloss. With both looks keep the rest of your makeup and cheeks subdued. Q: Why in the world would someone want to apply liner to the waterline of their eyes?  A: Women should do this if they want to create a more dramatic eye. It helps sharpen the eye making the liner look more crisp when evenly applied to the lash line. To prevent it from transferring to the lower lash line always use a waterproof liner that is less likely to smudge. Q: How can anyone (no matter their skin tone) get that pretty flushed/stained lip color? A: This depends more on your lip color than your skin tone. For any lip color try working with a non shimmery, waxed-based product that is closet to your lip color. Just smudge a little on with your finger. No need to be precise—this look is meant to be natural. Leave the lip liner and gloss at home! What other makeup questions do you have for Tim Quinn?


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