bmpinja Feb 7, 2012
I’m definitely the kind of girl that picks a different color nail polish every time I get a mani. And I never, ever get the same color on my toes—I’m too indecisive for that. However, the color that I could stand to live with for the rest of winter (if I really had to) is Zoya Nail Polish in Ibiza. It’s a gorgeous midnight blue that fits the introspective mood I’m usually in during cold weather months. Super-bright colors feel out of place to me when it's blustery and snowing outside. I like to stick with rich, intense colors that are dark—like all of my winter coats. However, I of course have my runners-up—the polishes that I'd be happy to wear for weeks at a time (again...if I really had to): Ok, your turn: What lacquer shade are your nails currently living in?  


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