Feb 3, 2011
And the award for Best Performance By An Eye Shadow goes to... Lancôme Color Design 5 Shadow and Liner Palette! (Cue thunderous applause followed by standing ovation.) As I've been covering this year's movie award ceremonies—or rather, the beauty looks at these ceremonies—I've discovered that Lancôme's newest eye shadow palette (which has four coordinating powder shadows and a powder eyeliner) is making more red carpet appearances than a Kardashian sister. Makeup artists are scooping up the recently-launched compacts and using them on top clients including Mila Kunis, Lea Michele, Amy Adams, and Sofia Vergara. Tracey Levy is one makeup artist whose giving the Color Design 5 Palettes a lot of air time—she used them on Mila Kunis at both the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild Awards. "The palettes are just so much fun," says Tracey. "The color combinations are fresh and modern, and I like that the shades can either go on soft or more vibrant if you use a shadow primer or wet your brush before applying them." Tracey has proved how versatile the new shadows are by using them to create two very different eye makeup looks on Mila: -- For the star's elegant, Audrey Hepburn-inspired look at the Golden Globes (picture above left), Tracey brushed the bright peach shade from the Coral Crush palette along Mila's lids, then softly defined them with the deep teal blue liner from the Teal Fury palette (pictured above), smudging the line slightly upward at the outer corners of her eyes. -- To create Mila's bombshell smoky eyes for the SAG Awards (above right), Tracey swept the matte dark gray from the Midnight Rush palette on her lids, then lined her eyes top and bottom with the sapphire shimmer-flecked navy liner. She then blended Color Design Eye Shadow in Volcano, a khaki-brown hue, on top of the colors to intensify the smokiness. For those of us not wielding a pro's hand, Tracey offers this advice for how to use the palettes, whose shimmery colors can be intimidating at first glance: "You can control how much color and shimmer goes on depending on what type of brush you use," she says. "If you want less shimmer, apply the color with a soft, fluffy eye shadow brush, which creates more of a sheer wash. For richer color and shimmer, use a small brush with dense bristles, and try wetting it before sweeping it through the powder for even greater intensity." And since no one likes to shell out money for a palette only to end up using just one or two of the colors, Tracey recommends sticking with what you know when choosing from the assortment of 10 shades. "Pick one with colors you're used to wearing," she says. "The Coral Crush palette is a mix of simple, warm peaches and browns, so it's a good choice for someone who likes a more natural look. If you typically wear dark eye makeup, a richer combo like Midnight Rush is a great option." Tracey's personal fave? "Teal Fury," she says (pictured above). "The combination of blues is so fun and different—I like to use the cool blue on lids and the warm blue as a highlighter. And the deep teal liner color is to die for!"


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