Sporting a super pigmented lip is one of the hottest trends for Spring—and, for good reason! It's a universally flattering look with just one rule: make sure your bright lip color takes center stage. "There is something quite classic yet trendy about keeping the bold, bright lip your focus and the rest of your makeup subtle," says Janice Daoud, NARS National Makeup Stylist. Make your lip look an attention grabber (in the right way) with these simple steps. Smooth the canvas Your lips are an extension of the skin on your face so you need to exfoliate them in the same way to remove any dry skin. Use finely granulated scrub (or sugar mixed with face lotion works) and rub it around your pout in a circular motion. Then, apply an SPF lip treatment for conditioning. Lock in the look "When applying your color, press it into your lips with your finger and then add lip liner to the outer edges," Daoud states. This lipstick-locking move will keep the lacquer in place for the long haul. For extra assurance, dust with powder like NARS Loose Powder in Eden over your lipstick and then reapply the color. The layering affect will keep your loud mouth going strong for a couple of extra hours. Embrace au naturel eyes Remember, your bold lips are the focal point of your look so keep the rest of your makeup minimal. Try beiges on the eyes and a few sweeps of mascara to complete the look. What bright shade are you excited to wear this Spring?


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