The part —the middle part, the deep side part, the angular part — we love them all here at MDC. Just call us nonpartisan. Those of us with the habit of running our fingers through our strands or whipping our hair back and forth (whoa there, Willow Smith) may wonder what our natural part actually is. But even if you’ve been rocking the same hair part from grade school for years, there’s still a chance it isn’t the right one for you. There’s a lot to consider when choosing your hair part, but your face shape is one of the key factors. Is it time to part ways with your old part? It might be.  the right part for your face shape

Heart-Shaped Face

A slight side part is less dramatic than middle parts and deep side parts alike. If you’re used to either of these looks, experiment by training your hair to fall slightly to the left or right of center to balance a strong chin or jawline. High side parts also complement side-swept bangs, which work well with heart-shaped faces.  

Square-Shaped Face

The slight side part is also perfect for square face shapes because it softens strong jawlines and angled features.  

Round-Shaped Face

Try a center part so hair will fall evenly on each side and elongate the look of your face. If parting down the middle is a bit too stark for you, consider light, wispy bangs to bring the attention downward.  

Long or Oval Face

Women with oval faces tend to look great with any type of part. But if we had to choose, we’d say a deep side part is our fave because it widens an oval face and helps round it out a little bit.   Does your hair part match up with this guide? Tell us below!

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