Angela Melero Feb 8, 2017

Like any talented artist knows, a gorgeous one-of-a-kind painting starts with a flawless canvas. The same rings true for our makeup. In the quest for eye, cheek or lip perfection, a smooth even base is key to the entire look. When it’s too thick or cakey, the result is makeup that actually highlights every crack and wrinkle. While too little, or thin, foundation can put a spotlight on every blemish and discoloration. So finding the right balance of coverage and texture is essential--and the team at NYX Cosmetics knows it! Enter NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Total Drop Foundation to the rescue. Read on for why it’s now a permanent member of our makeup squad.

the right foundation, closeup

It Allows for Adjustable Application

Many foundation bottles and tubes don’t give you much control, and you end up pouring out much more than you’ll ever need (#wasteful).The nifty dropper in the Total Control Foundation allows you build your coverage drop by drop until you get the seamless application you desire. Feeling like a no-makeup makeup look? Try just a drop or two. Needing a little extra coverage for a night out? Go for three or four droplets.

It Melts Perfectly Onto the Skin

Depending on your skin type, some foundations are just not compatible, resulting in a thick, heavy layer can settle on top of the skin and takes on a blotchy uneven finish. The good news? This velvety, lightweight foundation’s buildable coverage helps you avoid a too-thick application and blends seamlessly into the skin, plus it works equally well on everyone--and comes in 24 shades. (Quick tip: Blend the formula in using the Total Control Drop Foundation Brush. Designed specifically for the adjustable foundation, the brush’s soft bristles and curved shape hug the skin, working the product into every curve and angle of the face.)

It Gives Your Complexion a Clean, Matte Finish

Once smoothed over skin, it creates a clean, even canvas for you to apply makeup. The soft matte finish is meant to blur the look of blemishes and hide traces of oil or shine for skin that looks and feels flawless. That’s what we call smart makeup!



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