mbender Nov 24, 2011
If you’re like me, choosing makeup colors can be as nerve-wracking as bathing suit shopping. No, you’re not half naked standing in front of a three-way mirror. But one wrong hue and you risk looking like a ghost, a clown or a Jersey Shore cast member. Here, glōminerals makeup artist Kate McCarthy gives simple tips for finding the best eye and cheek colors for your skin tone. Your skin tone: Fair Best eye colors: Light nudes (like taupes, matte slates, and cream) and copper/bronze. “Nude colors stand out more on fair skin than they would on medium or dark complexions and can be used to accentuate features,” says McCarthy. Shades of copper/bronze warm up your entire complexion—even if you only use them on the eye area. Best cheek colors: Browns, pinks, peach and rose. “Unlike other skin tones, fair skin can wear browns, pinks, peach and rose with ease,” says McCarthy. When you apply these colors (do so sparingly), they offer a pop of color or a nice natural flush. The only time to avoid pinks or reds is if you have Rosacea. Your skin tone: Medium Best eye colors: Browns, purples, deep greys, and any jewel tone. “Medium skin can hold a good amount of color on the face as well as the eyes,” explains McCarthy. “Browns are always a go-to for a natural day look, but pump it up at night with an emerald smokey eye to add some brightness to your entire complexion!” Best cheek colors: Pinks, rose and peach shades. “Often if someone with medium skin tone wears a brown-based cheek color it can translate as a bit muddy,” says McCarthy. But cheek colors of pink, rose and peach will brighten your complexion and give it a glow. Your skin tone: Dark Best eye colors: Deep jewel tone colors, blacks, greys, taupes and brown. “I love working on dark complexions because you can get some gorgeous looks with deep jewel colors. They really pop off the face and make the eyes the main focus,” says McCarthy. Then, highlight eyes with a little light gold. “Be careful when choosing a highlight color,” cautions McCarthy. “Going too light (like a diamond color or chalk white) will not translate well.” Best cheek colors: Deep plums, light soft pinks and deep rose/red/berry. Deep rose/red/berry cheek colors will add a natural flush. “Plums give a nice flush AND an unexpected pop of color,” says McCarthy. “And soft pinks are great for a night out on the town to brighten your complexion and add some fun to your look.” Your skin tone: Olive Best eye colors: Neutrals (like browns, slates, stone and taupes with more of a blue base than a yellow one), gold, lilac, and other pastels. Gold will help add dimension to your entire look and brighten your complexion while pastel colors translate beautifully on olive skin adding a brightness and balancing your complexion. “Your complexion can look a little sallow if you use too many yellow-toned neutral colors. Instead, try a wash of lilac on your lid with a light gold on the brow bone,” says McCarthy. Best cheek colors: Peach, pink, and light bronze. Pinks will brighten any olive complexion as will peach. “Using a light toned bronzer will add great dimension to the face, just don't go too dark bronze to avoid looking muddy,” says McCarthy.


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