mbender Jul 5, 2011
Spa facials are fabulous. But who's got the time (at least an hour) or money (upwards of $50 bucks)? Or the energy to wait for an appointment (months at some top spots)? Instead, get gorgeous chez vous with this tropical at-home facial courtesy of Cleo Paula, head aesthetician at New York City's Deva Spa. Cleanse First, cleanse skin with a cotton pad dipped in about half a cup coconut milk. Swipe pad over your face in circular motions for about 10-20 seconds, then rinse thoroughly. Coconut milk is safe for all skin types–even sensitive or acne prone. The lauric acid it contains fights bacteria, its high fat content soothes, and its oil softens and moisturizes. Scrub Follow with an invigorating scrub made with two tablespoons honey, two tablespoons of finely ground, organic almonds and the juice from half of a lemon. Mix ingredients in a small bowl and gently apply to damp skin in small circular motions for about ten seconds. Rinse and remove excess with cotton pads that have been dipped in warm water. Moisturize Finish with your favorite moisturizer or a nourishing DIY-version made by combining a few drops of coconut oil with a few shaves of fresh ginger and a pinch of fresh rosemary. "Coconut really is mother nature's secret weapon for great skin and hydration," Paula says.


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