Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Yep, that’s right — we ivory-skinned girls are literally the fairest. And while a summer tan certainly does look great on many girls, it’s just not a reality for some of us. But that is OK, because porcelain skin is seriously stunning. In celebration of all skin a little bit on the pale side (we like to call it ethereal!) we put together a list of 8 things only girls with pale-skin understand.

 pale skin

1. Even the lightest shade of foundation might be too dark. Really.
And when the girl at the counter tries to convince you otherwise, DO NOT BELIEVE HER. 

2. When we say we need to sit in the shade, we mean it.
And any friends who don’t take our request seriously are not our real friends.

3. Flash photography is our enemy.
Especially when the other people in the photo are significantly darker than us. And they always are. 

4. It is necessary to approach self tanner with extreme caution.
One wrong move will have us looking more like an art project than a beach babe.

5. Yes, a bazillion different types of sunscreens are necessary.
Lip sunscreen, powder sunscreen, face sunscreen, waterproof sunscreen …  We all scream for sunscreen!

6. There’s no point in telling us to get a tan.
It just isn’t going to happen.

7. We wear many hats.
Literally. Like 18 hats. A hat for every occasion.

8. Mastering bronzer will change your life.
And no, just haphazardly rubbing it all over your face will not do the trick.

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