Nov 26, 2015

Thanksgiving is an interesting holiday. For weeks we work ourselves up to this one momentous occasion that revolves around turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. The time to gorge ourselves finally comes and goes and all we’re left with is a tummy ache and a food hangover like you would not believe. Maximize your Thanksgiving by keeping the momentum going with one (or all) of these activities!


Treat Yourself to a Movie & Mani 

Make the most of that post-turkey food coma by adding some light activities to your Thanksgiving evening. Relax and treat yourself to a little at-home movie and mani night. Just pop in your fave chick flick or holiday film and deck your nails out with a fun design. You’ve earned it! You just handled a full Thanksgiving dinner with dessert.

Try a Detoxifying Mask

All that sugar-and salt-filled food you just consumed could come back and bite you in the ... face! Keep skin looking bright and pimple-free by morning with a detoxifying mask that will draw out toxins and general yuckiness.

Product Recommendations: Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque, The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Face Mask, Decléor Paris Clay and Herbal Cleansing Mask

Go For a Walk

Thanks to all that turkey and pie goodness, you may be dealing with a bad case of “the bloats.” While your first inclination is to take a nap on Grandma’s couch, we’d like to encourage you to step outside. Get the blood flowing and work off some of that stuffing with a brisk 15-minute walk. Believe it or not, this little cardio session can help fight off facial bloating. Heck, you can use Black Friday as your excuse to get some cardio in! Go ahead and kill two birds with one stone by working out your body and your wallet.

Reapply Your Lipstick

This may seem silly, but you KNOW your four-course dinner and wine-sipping did away with your perfectly red pout. Before you head to your next Thanksgiving festivity or Black Friday shopping adventure, reapply that lipstick and get your pout back in check. That’s an order.


If you’re headed to another party, you might want to diffuse any facial puffiness by trying some light contouring. Follow this tutorial and see if your face doesn’t feel slimmer. You’re welcome.

Drink Lots of Water

Another great way to counteract bloating and general sugar overload is loading up on good ol’ H2O. Keep your body and skin hydrated and healthy by sipping on some water for the rest of your evening. You may not feel the benefits in the moment, but trust us, it’s making a world of difference.

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