Your morning routine. You think you’ve got it down pat seeing as how you do the same thing day in and day out. But, what if we told you that you’re doing it all wrong. Basic as they may be, your AM mishaps could be sabotaging the rest of your day (and your life!). So, before you hit that snooze button one more time or skip the most important meal of the day, let’s give your morning a much-needed makeover by fixing these other mistakes you probably didn’t even know you were making!


It starts in the shower.

Who even knew that there was a wrong way to shower? Showering the right way might take some practice (and more than just three minutes!), but it will save your hair, skin and perfect complexion in the long run.

Drying those luscious locks.

Knowing how to blow dry your hair the right way will not only save you time, but your hair’s texture as well. If you’re not using a nozzle or a strand-saving heat protectant, you’ll be saying hello to dry, brittle hair…and no one wants to do that!

Styling sins you keep committing.

We get it, no heat equals a bad hair day. But, before your straighten your strands or give them a quick curl, be sure to stop making these common flat iron mistakes and curling iron mistakes every morning!

Blending your makeup correctly.

Blend your makeup incorrectly and you could be walking out with streaks around your jawline. The point is for your foundation to look natural! Instead of using your fingers, pick up a foundation brush for an even blend and be sure to check yourself in natural lighting before leaving for work.

Blush mistakes you’re making.

Applying blush haphazardly could leave you looking old, unnatural and even clown-like! Since blush is a staple in every girl’s morning beauty routine, be sure you’re using the right brush, the right shade for your skin tone and of course… blend, blend, blend!

Which morning mistakes have you been making? ‘Fess up in the comments below!

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