Besties. BFF. Your partner in crime. Your sister from another mister. They’re always there to comfort you with pizza and ice cream (and a tall glass of wine), no matter the circumstance. They’re there to tell you when that dress does, in fact, make your butt look funny or your makeup is dangerously close to looking clownish. Your BFF has no filter, and that’s just the way we like it. Sometimes we like to rely on our significant others for beauty and fashion advice, and hope they can lend the same honesty. And, while a boyfriend can be a great support system, he may not always have too many words of wisdom when it comes to makeup. This is why we rely on our other half to point out beauty blunders such as these:

Best Friend Makeup Advice

1. Lipstick on your teeth.

Only your bestie understands the horror of walking around with bright red lipstick on your front teeth. So, of course, she’ll be the first to mention it. Your boyfriend may not notice this beauty faux pas, but a fellow lipstick-lover will.

2. Your foundation doesn’t match your skin tone.

While your BF may not want to spend hours at the makeup counter (if so, he’s a keeper!), your beauty counterpart will go through the arduous process — and dozens of formulas — of finding “the one.”

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3. You went overboard on the brows.

Your guy might think you’re lookin’ extra sassy today, but your BFF will know you went heavy handed with the brow pencil. She’ll be there with makeup remover in hand to save the day (and your eyebrows).

4. You went for “illuminated” and ended up with “disco ball.”

Ask your BF what strobing is — we’ll wait. How’d that go? Your gal pal knows the difference between an on-point highlighting technique and fairy-princess-gone-wrong, and she’s not afraid to tell you to nix the glitter.

5. Your cat eye is uneven.

To be fair to your boyfriend, this is a hard one to detect. But, you can bet your best friend is about to call you out and grab a Q-Tip. Avoid the lecture and re-application by mastering these cat eye application tips for your eye shape

Photo: Natalie Faye 

Models: Caitlin Chapman, Emily Tom

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