You know the feeling of slipping into a pair of black liquid leggings, they instantly take your confidence and swagger up one seriously big notch. Am I right? Their sex appeal is endless, which is why the same sexy, shiny liquid look and feel for your lips is the femme fatale final touch we’ve been waiting for.  We’re talking about liquid metal for your mouth--lip lacquers so long wear, so intensely pigmented and with the high metallic shine of a new car.  There are endless reasons to be hot for Lancôme Le Metallique Lip Lacquers, but here are our top three.

metallic liquid lip lacquer

1. The Color Is Drop Dead Gorgeous

Did we mention the bold pigments in each gloss? Not for the faint of heart, these lacquers deliver a serious color punch in 13 metallic shades from lavender to deep purple and rose to dark magenta (plus gold, nude, orange and everything in between)! Your lips are in for a party.

2. The Finish Is Super Shiny

Created with Plexi-Gloss Polymers and metallic pearls, these lipsticks deliver a multi-dimensional finish (think 3-D for your lips) that will make your mouth look full and luscious.

3. It Provides Serious Moisture

Liquid lipsticks can sometimes have a drying effect--but not this one. Infused with grapeseed oil and Vitamin E, it nourishes the lips while they shine brightly with color and shimmer hour after hour.

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