They come like a thief in the night and sneak up on you one unsuspecting morning. Yup, we’re talking about wrinkles. While we all talk a big game about wanting to age gracefully, there’s nothing graceful or peaceful about spotting that first wrinkle. These little lines are small in stature but can bring a strong, grown woman to her knees (into a puddle of tears). OK, maybe we’re being a tad dramatic. But, for the sake of humor, take a look at the thoughts that run through every girl’s mind when she experiences the epic sight of her very first wrinkle. 

Thoughts You Have When You Get Your First Wrinkle

1.     “Where the F#@$ did that come from?!”

2.     “I swear that wasn’t there yesterday.”

3.     “Is it too soon for Botox?”

4.     “That’s it, no more squinting or raising my eyebrows. In fact, best to not move my brows, like, at all.”

5.     “Smiling is off-limits too. I’ll save smiles for very special occasions, like Christmas and birthdays.”

6.     “Did I commit some unforgivable crime in a past life and karma is coming back around to my face?”

7.     “I heard high ponytails are instant face-lifts. Worth a shot.”

8.     “Screw it. I’m still smokin’.”

Now that you’ve LOLed a bit, time for some serious skincare tips and tricks!

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